Weekly Update Jan 30th 2011
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Hello Everyone!

We figured we will have a weekly update for you guys every Sunday, just so you everyone knows how the project is going.

Table of Contents:
1. Wish for removal from project
2. Updated blog navigation for crew members
3. Uploaded Schedule and Goals for Winter Quarter 2011 and Spring Quarter 2011
4. Meeting Times
5. Production of background art
6. Production of fashion design and call for fashion designers
7. Call to action for Voice Actors
8. More information about the characters and story

1. Wish for removal from project
If you wish to be removed from receiving e-mails about this project please contact us ASAP so that we won't bug you anymore : )!

2. Updated blog navigation for crew members
The blog now features a CREW RESOURCES tab where we have a list of posts important to the wonderful people working with us. Check it out here.

3. Uploaded Schedule and Goals for Winter Quarter 2011 and Spring Quarter 2011
We have now formed a comprehensive goals list for The Taffetas for this quarter, and what will possibly be next quarter. You can view this information on the blog HERE, with hopes it clears up some confusion and gives you guys some insight into how we are running this project.

Also, although we are pitching to Warner Brothers this quarter and are fully confident in our idea, we understand the possibility of not getting picked up first try, but refuse to give up should this be so and we hope all our crew members are on board for another productive 3 months should this be so. We feel that we have something amazing here, and if we need to, next quarter will be dedicated to refinement of concept, re-contact of Nancy Spears as well as well as lining up several other pitches to other companies through our contacts and school resources. We also hope to produce a short animation next quarter for the pitch (again, if necessary), in which case we will be in need of animators. We really have a good thing going here, and hope to reuse all the talented individuals that we have come across this past quarter.

4. Meeting Times
Jess Carrero has offered her time to meet with crew members or anyone interested in the project on certain days and times. To see when she is available, check here.

5. Production of background art
Background art is currently in-production for our pitch by some wonderful, talented artists. We are happy to have each and every one on our team, and look forward to the work they produce. However, we are always on the lookout for other background concept artists, and would be happy to hear from anyone interested.

6. Production of Fashion Design and call for fashion designers
Although we are sad to not have yet nabbed someone from the Fashion building at SCAD, we have had some other talented individuals step up to the plate. Currently, some fun and wonderful designs for Gemini and her friend, Sapphire, are in production by our wonderful team of artists, as well as a few designers who are roughing out a sketch for other characters. Currently we are still looking for a fashion designer, however, for Veil Taffeta- this is especially important as he is actually knowledgeable (and uptight) about fashion. We would love to have anyone interested in the job to contact us with a portfolio.

7. Call to action for voice actors
Currently we are having several voice talents auditioning for our main characters, Gemini and Veil Taffeta (http://thetaffetas.blogspot.com/2011/01/tryouts-for-main-characters.html), and we're always looking for more talent to audition for them and other characters. Please contact us if interested!

8. More information about characters and story
A lot of people have been wanting to know more about our characters! Besides the story and character page, Jess and I have been updating the blog with little "podcasts", mainly for reference for each respective post, but is nonetheless interesting and insightful for our all of crew members and interested fans. Such posts are:

-Their Voices
In which we talk about Veil and Gemini's dynamic and what their voices sound like.
(Excuse the awkwardness.)
-Our proposed pilot episode
This may or may not change as we progress in our project, however it still is a fabulous look into the dynamic of our story.
-Brianna's Scripts
(We are having the ever talented Brianna Alexander of Pomp Fiction produce a series of comics for us to illustrate in the pitch how our story can be viewed individually but mean more when viewed sequentially. Here we have proposed a series of episodes with a small detail that appears throughout)
- Voice Tryouts
(here we have more information on the characters' voices and some insight into some plotlines that happen on the show)

And as a final word:
We are hoping to get some sort of first-try pitch on the blog as well, where we try to encompass all our thoughts about the show in a concise, comprehensive 15-minute advertisement, in hopes to practice selling to Nancy Spears. That of course will be done at a later date.

Also, if unaware, our blog : theTaffetas.blogspot.com contains any updates on our progress.

Thanks again for all those working along side us, as well as any newcomers on the pitch. We appreciate your interest in our project and I hope to hear back from you all soon,

Yesenia and Tracy
(Co-Creators for the Taffeta Pitch Project)